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Small Cap, Gilead Sciences and YY Inc

TNA Under two of our interpretations, 53.98 should be seen, (link). No change from yesterday, invalidation should come on a break under 50.19. GILD We had previously analyzed GILD on August 7th,,and we liked it as safe haven, based on a debt approach Long term debt...

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Market Update on #GOLD | $GDX, $GLD, $GC_F

GDX We had been waiting for $GDX to take 24 so we can clean our projections… micro adjustments suggest $GDX should see 24.77 in bullish continuations. This 24.77 should be considered secure at least and for as long GDX holds 23.51-23.63. For the big picture, needs to...

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RQ Trades

For positioning purposes:

We start trades with 1% of portfolio or less;  max size is 5% of portfolio per trade, excepting on Indexes, we can add up to 20% of our portfolio on the long side of the market under exceptionally clear setups.

Trades done here might take from three months to 1 year to materialize.  Some might take one month or less, but expectations should be set for not expecting immediate results. That is not the style of this room. Only short term trades are done on TNA/UPRO and it’s inverse ETFs.

We are not looking for immediate results, we are looking for consistent cash flows over long periods of time, we have not conviction on any trade, we are 99% of the time neutral on our analysis. Our analysis might differ significantly from our trades, based on risk management approximations.

Finally the size of our portfolio is 4 Million plus a 65% margin. Trades are based on our capital, so for all purposes 4 Million is the base from which we calculate our exposure. 1% trade is simply a 1% trade, trades posted this way: .05 or .04% are trades under 1% exposure and must be understood as such.

Some of the Strategies

Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Time & Price Strategies

Latest Positions

What do we have in our basket ?

Core is unchanged and have added some new trades that matches our current model



We Keep Close track on our Core positions which always invested and hedged. Current Trading Positions are 8% YTD



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