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Access to ALL Channels + Access to PREMIUM & Private Rooms
VIP Members get to Access:
#IRA_Trades:  Growing your Retirement Account with Stock Trades based on 2.5% of your account Size
#Doodles_Trades: Trades Taken by Doodles the Options Trader – Premium Selling and Conservative Strategies
#Call Credit Spreads: Building Portfolio with Quality stocks and Selling Spreads.
#SPX_Trades: Conservative Strategy that Nets on 50% Profits per Trade, with High WIN RATE Year to date over 45% with 100% WIN, back tested many years and good way to grow your account.  Entry, Stop, Targets are provided


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This a 1 Week Trial for the VIP membership..

  • Access to ALL Channels+
  • Access to PREMIUM Rooms i.e SPX Weekly Trades, IRA , etc
  • Lots of Trades from Premium + 
  • Trade Alerts from Rooms


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