IRA Account Trade Stock Picks

Grow your IRA account Passively to at least 15% Yearly


Investing in Stocks



Trades based on size of min 100 shares with MaX of 10 open Positions in portfolio

Entry, Stop and Targets are Provided 

Covered Calls will be provided – ITM or OTM for Additional INCOME

Real Time Alerts with Email Option*

  • We Will be running a scan to find the best stocks with the best covered call premiums
  • We will post the stock and calls to sell – Collecting additional Income
  • The stop loss will be 20% from the net cost basis of the purchase.
  • During weekly bullish trend market the trade will be out of the money calls 60-90 days out
  • During weekly bear markets the trade will be ITM calls
  • At a minimum this strategy has netted 15% a year

PLEASE READ OUR Terms of Service is not a registered investment Advisor or Broker/Dealer. TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK