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    Ovadya saw early what many including lawmakers journalists and Big Tech CEOs grasp until months later Our platformed and algorithmically optimized world is vulnerable to propaganda to misinformation to dark targeted advertising from foreign governments so much so that it threatens to undermine a cornerstone of human discourse the credibility of fact.
    Imagine for example a algorithm which analyzes gobs of data in order to teach itself to perform a particular function fed on hundreds of hours of footage of Donald Trump or North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un which could then spit out a and virtually impossible to distinguish from reality audio or video clip of the leader declaring nuclear or biological war.
    Given the early dismissals of the efficacy of misinformation like Facebook CEO Mark statement that it was crazy that fake news on his site played a crucial role in the election the first step for researchers like Ovadya is a daunting one Convince the greater public as well as lawmakers university technologists and tech companies that a information apocalypse is not only plausible but close at hand.
    We saw a pretty big event take place over the weekend where a party provider was compromised and their JS library was altered.
    At first the obvious thought is that the ICO were compromised so I immediately started digging into this after firing off a few emails to contact people who may be able to help me with disclosure.
    To take this one step further and ensure absolute protection you can use Content Security Policy and the directive to make sure that no script is allowed to load on the page without an SRI integrity attribute.
    At am GMT on Sunday February a JavaScript file which is part of the Texthelp Browsealoud product was compromised during a cyber attack.
    has in place continuous automated security tests for Browsealoud and these detected the modified file and as a result the product was taken offline.
    The company has examined the affected file thoroughly and can confirm that it did not redirect any data it simply used the computers CPUs to attempt to generate cryptocurrency.
    We saw a pretty big event take place over the weekend where a party provider was compromised and their JS library was altered.
    The most common way to set a Content Security Policy on your site is to deliver it as a HTTP response header but that not always possible.
    On hosted platforms like GitHub Pages Ghost Pro or WordPress it not always easy or even possible to set a HTTP response.
    cellular version of the Apple Watch was in strong demand in the US Japan and Australia where all major operators stocked it in time for the holiday season said Vincent Thielke Research Analyst at Canalys.
    limited operator selection in the UK Germany and France influenced consumer purchase decisions and stifled the growth potential of the connected Apple Watch.
    innovative designs such as the rotating bezels and circular screens employed by other vendors Apple has pulled far ahead as it continues to focus on its core iPhone user base.
    ET Broadcom secured as much as billion of debt financing for its hostile bid for Qualcomm and enlisted two more big firms strengthening the chip hand in the takeover battle.
    A dozen Bank of America Citigroup Deutsche Bank AG JPMorgan Chase and Morgan agreed to provide up to billion of committed credit facilities including a billion revolver and bridge financing Broadcom said Monday.
    Unlike their counterparts elsewhere who might seek to expose security vulnerabilities steal corporate and state secrets or simply sow chaos North Korean hackers have a singular purpose to earn money for the country currently squeezed by harsh international sanctions for its rogue nuclear program.
    He denies any complicity in the kinds of crimes that security experts have attributed in recent years to North Korea such as snatching credit card numbers installing ransomware on corporate servers and swiping South Korean defense secrets.
    One of the defectors who worked under the auspices of a state agency called the Korea Computer Center had long been cynical about his country come to hate bellowing out the loyalty oath to Kim Jong Un every Saturday and finally concluded that everything about the regime was a lie.


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