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    But eight hours after I left during my layover in Toronto I opened the app on my phone and it reported back that the camera was offline the most recent video was from that morning showing my daughter in my arms in the kitchen.
    I would discover the camera was offline thanks to the cries of a daughter woken up by a bright orange whole episode reinforced something that was already bothering me Getting a smart home means that everyone who lives or comes inside it is part of your personal panopticon something which may not be obvious to them because they expect everyday objects to have spying abilities.
    Almost every TV on the market now is connected otherwise how do you Netflix and chill over million smart speakers were sold last year alone with Apple soon to release its version the HomePod meaning a good percentage of American homes have or will have an assistant waiting patiently for someone in the house to say their wake word.
    With a broken heart I have to announce that EFF founder visionary and our ongoing inspiration John Perry Barlow passed away quietly in his sleep this morning.
    So I predicted Utopia hoping to give Liberty a running start before the laws of Moore and Metcalfe delivered up what Ed Snowden now correctly calls totalitarianism.
    lasting legacy is that he devoted his life to making the Internet into world that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race economic power military force or station of birth.
    ET YouTube is the new television with more than billion users and videos the site recommends have the power to influence viewpoints around the world.
    Those recommendations often present divisive misleading or false content despite changes the site has recently made to highlight fare a Wall Street Journal investigation found.
    Read comments from top tech and industry leaders.
    this funding we will further invest in building differentiated offerings plugging the white spaces in the ecosystem and developing our technology while keeping superlative customer experience at the core said Sriharsha Majety CEO Swiggy.
    At about orders fulfilled per day Foodpanda is a distant third in the Indian market followed by UberEATS and Google Areo both of which have been steadily increasing customer discounts while reducing restaurant commissions in a bid to make their platforms more attractive.
    The last months marked a period of for food aggregators with significant growth in revenues buoyed by a swell in order volumes thus stoking investor interest in the sector once again.
    Generally speaking Alphabet pursues a broader strategy of launching a smattering of independent tech companies in hopes of finding the next big thing outside Google massively profitable online advertising business.
    Wednesday move also calls into question Alphabet broader strategy of creating a bunch of different tech companies in hopes of stumbling onto a new growth area outside of Google core advertising business.
    By working together continue to combine hardware software and services to create a home safer friendlier to the environment smarter and even helps you save with artificial intelligence and the Assistant at the core.
    As of Wednesday around EST Reddit appears to have suspended the subreddit dedicated to creating fake porn videos using a machine learning algorithm.
    In the last week Discord Gfycat Pornhub and Twitter have all denounced involuntary pornography including deepfakes and banned these videos from their platforms.
    The methods and tools for creating these videos are still easy to find and deepfake makers have already set up shop on new Discord channels their own dedicated websites and other platforms.
    In the online gaming world virtual reality has already been used by some of the top streamers to engage with their audiences but not much return for what the personalities have to give up.
    By dropping a game avatar into a VR world that they can navigate a level of agency and connection is possible that really adds a lot to the perceived relationship between streamers and their audiences.
    As opposed to watching a static screen clear a lot of potential for interaction but only if virtual reality devices continue to catch on.


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