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4. DRYS:Amusing that IB has 300K shares of $DRYS but none of the other shippers du jour.
6. ES:$ES Dailies overnights ranging, correcting 15/60m OB with 3am algo hour dip 2579.50 gets 15m mid range; full repair…
7. GPS:
12. DCIX:$DCIX 9 psych
13. OIL:


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1. General Electric Chairman and CEO John Flannery discloses purchase of 60,000 shares

2. Comcast Approached 21st Century Fox Over Acquisition Interest

3. Tesla shares pop after trucker JB Hunt reserves ‘multiple’ Tesla Semi tractor trailers

4. David Undercoffler on Twitter

5. Acorda Announces Royalty Monetization Transactions for $53 Million

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    Writing code with other developers can be a great way to onboard teammates get to know how your peers think and learn new skills.
    Our servers never see your files or edits which maximizes your privacy and minimizes latency between you and your collaborators regardless of your proximity to our data centers.
    As we continue along our roadmap and take Teletype beyond beta we hope to see community contributors build on and extend it to other editors.
    ET Digital publisher BuzzFeed is on track to miss its revenue target this year by a significant amount the latest sign that troubles in the business are making it tough for upstarts to live up to lofty expectations.
    BuzzFeed one of several outfits that have grown quickly in recent years had been targeting revenue of around million in but is expected to fall short of that figure by about to people familiar with the matter said.
    BuzzFeed said in a statement that it would still.
    This created two instances in the Python runtime sym the symbolic graph and params the weights.
    The following steps download an example image resize it to the expected input shape and finally convert it into a numpy array.
    Next from your Python shell run the code to prepare the image in the MXNet NDArray format.
    dominated in the with the mainframe computer Digital Equipment in the with the transition to Microsoft and Intel as PCs ramped and finally Apple and Google as cellphones became ubiquitous wrote Jefferies equity analyst Mark Lipacis in a July note to clients.
    A triangular foil to circular new headquarters six miles shape is drawn from the building block of computer graphics the glassy facade rises up over the San Tomas Expressway like the bow of a starship coming into port.
    When I finally locate Huang he is wearing his signature leather moto jacket and nibbling on breaded chicken strips from a cup as he strides across the sprawling cafeteria with at least two dozen employees and their families in tow.
    summoned by a push notification and then for to minutes Rogowsky bellows trivia questions was Frederic Chopin born of these celebrities has Sean Penn never married enthusiastically at you from your screen.
    Winners were awarded sweepstakes tickets and later Microsoft Points instead of cash and players were represented by Xbox Live avatars all crammed inside an animated television studio that looked like Who Wants to Be A Millionaire meets Hollywood Squares via Reboot.
    The difference between these earlier versions of interactive TV and HQ Trivia boils down to the video broadcast quality which is high the cash money prizes which are plentiful and Scott.
    This includes giving bot builders the ability to understand what works to increase customer conversions improve the accuracy and create a better user experience.
    The system today integrates with any voice or text messaging platform Google says including Facebook Kik Viber Slack WhatsApp WeChat Alexa Cortana Allo Line Skype Twitter and more.
    Instead of combing through logs we rely on its capability to help prioritize required optimizations saving precious time that we need to focus on building new features Viber added.
    And while unclear what final policy will look like the introduction of offline behavior to the Twitter rules adds an unpredictable new dimension to its efforts.
    Kessler a white supremacist who organized the United the Right rally in Charlottesville in August kicked off the latest controversy over rules when his account was verified last week.
    agents have been following our verification policy correctly CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted on we realized some time ago the system is broken and needs to be Twitter stopped verifying new accounts and said it would develop a new program.
    AdBasis has published a note on its site indicating that the deal closed on November and that its team will continue to work on digital creative testing and optimization technology at Airbnb.
    AdBasis was by Jason Puckett and Joe DiVita in Chicago and not clear how many people worked there or how many will join Airbnb.
    Its tools include the ability to track revenue and how changes to an content bidding targeting and other parameters impact its performance.


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